Heartiest Wishes on Ganesh Chaturthi

The way Lord Vishnu's " Ekadashi" and Lord Shivshankar's " Shivratri" are observed, in the same way Shri Ganesha's Chaturthi is also observed by his devotees. Ganapati 'Atharvashirsha' describes this Charturthi as 'Chaturthyamanshnan Japati'. Chaturthi means forth stage. Ganapati is beyond three stages of human body. When someone is in his forth stage that is turia, one can have his darshan.

There is an intresting story associated with Ganesh Chaturthi and its significance.

  • Kuber, the wealthiest of all the Gods, hosts a feast in the honor of Lord Ganesh. A happy-go-lucky Ganesh feasts himself till his heart's content. But after eating so much, he grows restless and feels that his stomach would burst. In order to prevent that, he ties a snake around his stomach and goes to pay his respect to his parents.

  • But his stomach has acquired a huge shape and is unable to prostrate before his parents. When he tries to bend, he turns into a turtle. The moon was watching everything from the sky and laughed at Ganesh. Parvati detests this ridicule and cursed the moon that whoever sees him on Vinayak Chaturthi will be accused of wrongdoing.

  • According to another story, Ganesh falls from the rat much to the amusement of the moon, who bursts into laughter inviting Parvati's wrath

    Sankasthi Chaturthi

    This is the vow taken by the devotees on the forth day of second fortnight of every month. Devotees fast for the whole day on this day and break their fast after having the darshan of moon and worshipping Lord Ganesha. This vow is observed to get rid of the problems of life. On this day first of all bath is taken in the evening and then Lord Ganesh is worshipped, offered 21 " Durvas" , perform " Aarti" , show " Naivedyam" , gives meal to Brahmin and breaks his/her fast.

    Vinayaki Chaturthi

    Vinayaki Chaturthi falls on the first fortnight of every month. This vow is observed for the full day.

    Angaraki Chaturthi

    If Sankashti Chaturthi comes on Tuesday, it is called Angaraki. The vows are completed on the same day. Its only after the darshan of moon, devotees have their meals.

  • Last Updated: 19th August, 2017